Sometimes a very simple concept can yield almost limitless uses —and that’s the case with our patented solution.

Imagine a straightforward, easy system for sharing images from your camera phone with friends, family, fellow Parrotheads, clients, constituents, your favorite brand, associates or the world!

With LGE’s solution, it would be as simple as submitting to an easy to remember (and easy to type) short code.
No complicated applications to download to your phone. No cumbersome multi-step commands. No hard to remember and spell e-mail addresses. Just a simple code. View the example below of a product promotion using this technology, and then some of the ways this technology could be put to use.



  • Join Premium Dog Food's "Perfect Pets Promotion" and see YOUR PUP on our Web site!
  • Simply take a picture of your pooch with your camera phone, and then send it to Premium Dog Food's short code.
  • Vote for your favorite! Forward to a friend! Win Prizes! Earn affinity points!
  • Contest rules and short code found on the 25 pound bags of our product.
  • Submit as many photos from your camera phone to our short code as you wish (premium message charges may apply).
  • Promotion powered by Laughing Gas Enterprises, LLC.

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The illustration described on this page is for demonstration purposes only
and is not, at present, a working promotion.
patented communication system, Laughing Gas Enterprises, LLC.